# Block Explorers

Read about the different types of block explorers on Majestic StarChain.

# Introduction

Blockchain explorers allow users to query the blockchain for data. Explorers are often compared to search engines for the blockchain. By using an explorer, users can search and track balances, transactions, contracts, and other broadcast data to the blockchain.

Majestic StarChain offers two types block explorers: an EVM explorer and a Cosmos explorer. Each explorer queries data respective to their environment with the EVM explorers querying Ethereum-formatted data (blocks, transactions, accounts, smart contracts etc) and the Cosmos explorers querying Cosmos-formatted data (Cosmoss and IBC transactions, blocks, accounts, module data, etc).

# EVM-based

# Majestic StarChain Explorer

The Majestic StarChain explorer (opens new window) is the EVM explorer for Majestic StarChain. The EVM explorer allows users to view Majestic StarChain EVM activity such as smart contract creations, interactions, token transfers, and other types of transactions. Users can also view Majestic StarChain and ERC-20 token balances through the Majestic StarChain EVM Explorer.